Antiques are the Remnants of History
that have escaped the Shipwreck of Time

Francis Bacon


Doeas anyone recognize this mark?
It is found on a BRASS Fish Slicer. There is absolutely no indication that this object was previously plated.

The initials appear to be ZB. The pseudo “crown ” looks like a sheaf of wheat. The crown mark is more than likely the Birmingham Assay mark and the date letter seems to have no relevance.

It is our best guess that this is a Birmingham Manufacturer around the 1900’s

Any guesses would be appreciated. Nick Unitt unitt@unitt.ca


Fish Slice back Fish Slice front Fish Slice Mark








The note below was written by us in 2014 when we published our Priceguide.

It is now 2016 and the Antique Market has undergone fundamental changes. Much of the knowledge the Dealers who operated their own shops is being lost.

We will open a section of this site to share info as we come across it in all fields and hope it is of use.


March 2004

When Claudia and I took our cross country trip to produce the Priceguide we met many knowledgeable dealers who were happy to open their stores for us to take pictures and also very willing to tell us about the items in their possession.
We found a lot of North American, pre 1930 furniture, especially in the Prairies. Some of it still bore makers marks but not all of it. The standard question “Where was it made and how old is it?” would get a smile, a slight lift of the shoulders and then the reply “Possibly Canadian, early 1900s” or some other date.
We realized that the dealers were relying on their extensive experience and expertise and that there was little or no documented information about Canadian Furniture.
This website is a beginning attempt to satisfy some of that need.
You will find

Oak Sideboard, Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Guelph, circa 1910

Oak Sideboard, Canada Furniture Manufacturers, Guelph, circa 1910

Reproduced Canadian Furniture Catalogues for sale,
Lists of Canadian Furniture Manufacturers and their approximate dates of operation
Background on the men who produced the furniture.
Antique Dealers and their location
And anything else we can find

Also information about general antiques, links to good Antique sites, my ‘Wanted’ list etc.

This is, and will be, a work in progress.

We have not set up a blog but email questions and comments (plus and minus) are welcome at info@unitt.ca

Nick and Claudia Unitt