1908 Catalogue

 Canada  Furniture Manufacturers

 1908 Catalogue

 300 full size pages, over 1600 illustrations with full descriptions, Hard-Cover, 

A perfect glimpse at a pivotal time in Canadian History

A Must for

Libraries, Museums and Archives,

Furniture Collectors and Furniture Dealers, 

Students of History and Design

 Everything from Baby Cradles to Office Furniture

 Canada Furniture Manufacturers Limited
was founded in 1900 by the amalgamation of 17 factories in Western Ontario.

It was the largest supplier of Furniture and Office Equipment to the Western Canadian Market

 This is a faithful reproduction of their 1908 Catalogue

1908chap1july1-3 1908chap8july1-11 1908chap11july1-7 1908chap16july1-1 1908chap15july1-2

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