All That Glitters


Limited supply of the first edition of “All that Glitters” by Valerie Hammond, published by Unitt Enterprises,

125 pages with full colour illustrations

Canada, being still a fledgling nation in the Grand Scheme of things, can proudly boast of many achievements.
Scientific innovations, technological milestones, medical miracles and excellence in the Arts.


Canadian Designers are finally being recognized for their contributions to the Fashion world. Nothing goes better with Fine Fashion than exquisite fashion jewellery, or costume jewellery, as it is sometimes called. Absent for far too long, elegance has returned to the runway, and fine vintage jewellery has made an enormous comeback to accessorize the designs. One Canadian name is synonymous with elegance and that name is Sherman. Collectors and jewellery lovers recognize him as the premier manufacturer of high quality costume jewellery. “ Jewels of Elegance” by Sherman is the way he described his designs.
Though very little if anything has ever been documented about this company founded by Gustave Sherman, one thing is perfectly clear. He was an artist, a perfectionist and a master craftsman. He was a man with inordinate flair, and an amazing attention to detail which was surpassed only by his unyielding demand for perfection.
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