Nick and Claudia Unitt collect antique dealers the way other people collect antiques.
Those beloved dealers – more than 200 of them – will spend eternity sandwiched between the covers of a book thick with treasures.
Armed with a digital camera, a tape recorder and a 1995 Ford Escort LX, they spent the better part of two months on a cost-to-coast tour of antique shops, roaming dusty back roads and gentrified urban streets, in search of the vintage curios that will fill the pages of their soon-to be published guide to antiques and collectibles.
About 20,000 kilometres later, the Unitts were back, meticulously cataloguing their finds for the benefit of amateurs and pros alike.The 300 page guide book offers pricing, pictures and detailed information on hundreds of items of interest, captured on film over the course of their cross-country journey. An accompanying CD will allow readers to view the book’s more than 1,000 photographs in full colour. If it’s old and eye catching, chances are good you may find it here: furniture, glass, silvery, pottery, clocks, toys and what Nick calls miscellaneous. “Anything we can’t put anywhere else.” This is, after all, a business in which customers are willing to pay good money for barbed wire, farm-machinery seats and pop bottles.
“People want something mom and dad had, or grandma had,” says Claudia. “It is that piece of stability, that security.” Adds Nick: “You are going to buy the furniture that your parents had around the house.”
These days, the children of baby boomers are fuelling a growing call for furniture produced in the 1950s, including the Formica tables, plastic chairs and sofas that so often migrated from living rooms and kitchens to town dumps as tastes changed. Those pieces that didn’t end up at the curb are now garnering top-dollar prices, as young homeowners eager for the “retro” look satisfy pangs of nostalgia with willing wallets.

This 300 page book consists of over 1,000 pictures taken in Antique Shops from St. John’s NL to Victoria B.C. Each picture has a description and the Retail Price the store-owner was asking. It is a valuable reference guide for any one interested in Antiques and Collectibles


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