Canadian Furniture Time Line

This is a beginning timeline of Canadian Furniture Manufacturers. We have made no attempt to cover the many Cabinet makers but rather to examine those individuals or companies who produced furniture in quantity (manufactured). It is by no means complete and additions are welcomed.

1835 John Gibbard starts Cabinet making business in Napanee
1851 James Hay and John Bain form Bains & Hay
1856 Wm. Simpson takes over assets of Ziegler Factory of Berlin which was started in 1825 as Hoffman and Bowman.
1860 John Watson starts business with 1 horse for power walking in circle to operate two turning lathes. Dry kilns not know.. Logs split to approximate size for chair rung and put in rafters to dry. Dominion Chair Company started in Bass River NS. Pope’s Furniture Factory St John’s NL (closed 1958)
1862 W. T. Gibbard, Napanee, joins father, John and expands cabinet making business. Company called John Gibbard and Son. Bain & Hay becomes Jas. Bain and Son( specialized in cane, perforated and wood seat chairs. First to start Reed & Rattan Furniture)
1863 Thomas Bell opens in Woodstock. J.W. Kilgour starts in Beauharnois Quebec
1864 Daniel Knechtel opens in Hanover
1868 Bell moves to Seaforth. Kilgour becomes J.W. Kilgour and Bro.
186? Campbell & Abraham Stratford
1870 Andrew Malcolm (Stirlingshire Scotland) purchases ½ interest in John Watson. Becomes Watson & Malcolm. Factory now 2 story 36’ x 24’ with small 6 valve engine. They made inexpensive elm bedroom and dining suites. During 1880s elm sold for $6 per 1000 board feet, employees were paid 90 cents a day and bedroom suites sold 3 for $25 to the trade
1872 John Jacques retires from Jacques and Hay (started in 1834)Toronto. Charles Rogers becomes partner firm Called Robert Hay and Co.of Toronto
1873 Knechtel employs 12 men & buys small steam plant
1874 Firm becomes D & P Knechtel new frame factory built
1875 Bell sells to Scott & Sparling and moves to Wingham, changes firm to Thos. Bell & Son.
1876 Hibner & Krug Berlin Parlor frames
1882 Peter Knechtel retires
1884 Knechtel builds brick factory. John S. Anthes buys Berlin Novelty Factory. Specializes in high grade furniture. Jos. Orr starts in Stratford. Newfoundland Furniture & Moulding Co 1884 or earlier
1885 Simon Snyder buys Reichert of Waterloo. Starts Snyder, Roos and Co. Also Snyder’s Ltd (upholstered furniture) ??Robert Hays and Co selling over half a million dollars of furniture a year.?? Date Robertt Hays & Co have bad fire Hays dies Charles Rogers takes over as Chas. Rogers, Sons and Co. of Toronto. Hartmann Krug leaves Hibner & Krug starts H. Krug Furniture, specializes in period furniture esp. Jacobean. Krug Brothers start in Chesley
1886 Porteous and McLagan starts in Stratford
1887 Solomon Knechtel & Henry Peppler join firm and becomes The Knechtel Furniture Company
1891 Gibbard becomes Gibbard Furniture Company Ltd. North American Bent Chair Company started by J.G. and A.B. Hay (from Woodstock) in Owen Sound. Associated with National Table Company and Owen Sound Chair Company
1892 Canadian Furniture Manufacturers Association formed. Simon Snyder, first Secretary, George McLagan –vice president, John S Shaw of Walkerton Solicitor
1893 Jas. Hay & Son became James Hay and Co.. Lippert, Schaefer & Co starts in Waterloo. Morlock & Co Limited Upholsterers starts in Hanover
1895 James Hay and Co taken over by O.G. Anderson and becomes Anderson Furniture Company
1896 Watson and Malcolm became Andrew Malcolm .
1899 Durham Furniture Company Limited was started in the fall of 1899 Durham Furniture – History of Durham Furniture
1900 George McLagan takes over Porteous & McLagan and forms McLagan Furniture Co.
1900 Anderson Furniture Co Woodstock merges with CFM.  Bell plant in Wingham taken over by CFM. John S. Anthes taken over by CFM. Anthes stays with new firm. Snyder Roos & Co joins CFM. Simon Snyder first president. John S Shaw became Managing Director. Simpson Co taken over by CFM. G.A Gruetzner (of Simpson Co.) forms Hespeler Furniture of Hespeler. Knechtel took over business & properties of Southampton Manufacturing Company Limited & Siebling Furniture Company at Walkerton. Hanover factory burned and replaced by four story cement concrete building.
?? Jas Baird of Plattsville, J.D..Hay of Owen Sound, J. Zinkstein of Hamilton, Hess Bros of Listowel, Mooreheads of London, Bai & Hay, Woodstock, Geo. S Lickell of Bellevile, Sheldon Osborne of Warkworth, Eby Young and Ford of Campbellford, Bowmanvile Furniture Co. Oshawa Cabinet Co, Campbell & Abraham, Stratford, Burr Bros, Guelph, Louis Hahin. Chesley Furniture Co. John Mundell & Co became Jno. C. Mundell Elora started early. H.E. Furniture Co. Milverton
1902 Coombes & Watson formed in Kincardine. Mineral Springs Furniture Co of Preston (became Crown Furniture)
1905 Andrew Malcolm became Andrew Malcolm Furniture Company
1906 John S. Anthes leaves CFM and starts Anthes Furniture Company.Chesley Chair Company starts
1907 Geo Lippert retires from. Bell and sons buy plant of Southampton Manufacturing, form Bell Furniture Company
1908 Baetz Bros Furniture Ltd Berlin starts. Orillia Furniture, Orillia
1910 J.W.Kilgour and Bro. becomes J.W.Kilgour and Bro. Ltd
1912 Coombes & Watson become F.E. Coombes Furnitue Co
1918? Malcolm & Hill take over Hibner
1916 Management of the Anthes Manufacturing Co. taken over by Baetz Bros.1920 Anthes Baetz Furniture Co officially formed1965 Anthes-Baetz was purchased by Farquharson-Gifford Ltd. of Stratford Ontario1967 Anthes-Baetz was purchased by Princeville Furniture Inc. of Princeville Quebec1982 Anthes Baetz merged with Hentschel ClocksCanada. New company was called Hentschel-Baetz Ltd. Baetz factory on Victoria St., Kitchener, Ontario was closed after 74 years
1927 Bogdon & Gross Furniture Company Limited
1950 Durham Furniture purchassed by Kroehler US.
1979 Kroehler Canadian Division (Durham Furniture) purchased by Strathearn House Group, Toronto
1992 Strathearn goes into receivership. Orville Mead and group of Durham townspeople raise funds and purchases the Durham Company. Renames it Durham Furniture Inc and re-opens.
2009 Gibbard Furniture closes