Canadian Furniture Catalogues

Any Canadian Company Pre 1930

I am researching  Canadian Furniture from 1880-1930

and need to find copies of catalogues issued

by Canadian Furniture Manufacturers during this period.

I am also looking for copies of:

The Furniture Digest and Undertaker’s Gazette

published by Acton Publishing of Toronto.

I will beg, borrow or buy copies of the above


Please contact
priceguide@unitt.ca if you have any material (Condition is not a priority)


Canadian Potteries of interest

Royal Canadian Art Pottery

Hamilton and Southampton, Ontario

Began operation in 1946 as a subsidiary of Foley Potteries Ltd. and by the 1960’s became the largest teapot manufacturer in North America.

Art pottery production began in 1968.

 Another interesting pottery is SMITH BROS. of Oshawa (VELTA ART WARE). I used to see very nicely coldpainted and underglazed Lamp Bases and Vases – sometimes they had a high gloss coloured glaze, other times they were unglazed and very similar to Niloak Swirled Missionware –

If anyone has any information about these potteries, please email info@unitt.ca